Donation & Refund Policy

ST.AN.DE. – Stress, Anxiety And Depression Awareness Refund Terms & Conditions
Updated: May 2016

A Donation

When an individual makes a donation on the Site, they are making a donation to a donor advised fund at Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness.  This process exists to facilitate the granting of funds to the specific nonprofit they recommended at the time of their gift. All donations made through the Site are final, irrevocable and non-refundable, and are subject to these terms.

The recommended distributions, if made by Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness, will not provide any substantial direct benefit or any substantial indirect benefit for a donor or donor advisor of the donor advised fund and will not satisfy any person’s contractual obligation or pledge, including, but not limited to, dues or membership requirements in any church, mosque, synagogue, private club, other membership organization, or previous charitable pledge.

Nonprofits and schools may not promise or provide good or services in exchange for making a donation to a donor advised fund such as the donor advised fund administered by Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness.  No goods or services will be provided in return for the contribution.  See the Disbursement Process section below for more information on organizations’ restrictions on use of funds.

Donor Information

When a donor makes a donation online, certain information is collected, including your name, billing address, transaction information, and email address. This information is visible to the Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness customer administering the Site, Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness as the legal recipient of the funds and administrator of the donor advised fund, and software and service providers including Kimbia.

Additionally, a nonprofit to whom a donation is being recommended will also receive the donor’s name, billing address, email address, and transaction information.  If a donor wishes for their information not to be disclosed to the nonprofit to whom they are recommending a donation, they may select the anonymous giving option on the donation form, if such an option is available.  As required by the IRS in the case of very large transactions, the donor’s name, gift amount, and billing address information may be made publicly available by Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness on an IRS Form 990 filing.

Organization Eligibility

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness donor advised fund policies are subject to change at any time as determined by Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness board of directors. Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness manages the criteria by which organizations are determined as eligible for grants and often uses reliable publicly available databases of tax-exempt entity information such as GuideStar, the IRS Exempt Organization Business Master File, and NCES information for schools.  Generally, presumed eligibility for a grant from Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness is met for a public charity as described in Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) except for trusts and private non-operating foundations.

Disbursement Process

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness will typically re-grant donations made to eligible organizations as advised by donors on the Site.  Grants to organizations are typically made once per month, and are processed no later than the 15th of the month following receipt of a donor’s gift. Single grants exceeding $50,000 are subject to more stringent approval processes and may in some cases be delayed.  Donors are to understand that there are administrative costs, expenses and fees associated with maintaining the Site and processing donations.  Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness will mail checks to the address validated by the publicly available databases referenced above for that organization.

Organizations cashing or depositing the grant check will be presented with check stub information indicating that they agree that they will use the distribution from Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness’s donor advised fund for general charitable purposes of their organization, or if requested by the donor-advisor, for those specific charitable programs and activities; that the organization will not provide the donor with any substantial benefit (as defined in IRS Revenue Procedure 90-12 (values updated annually) and IRS Publication 1771) in exchange for this gift; and that the organization will use this gift in accordance with these terms, with a web URL link to these terms.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness makes no claim or representation to the ability of any organization to legally receive grants at any point in time. In cases where Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness becomes aware of an organization’s status change to ineligible, between the time of a donation on the Site and Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness’s making of a grant, Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness will direct the contribution to an alternate charitable cause in accordance with the policies and procedures promulgated by TKF officers and directors.

Contact Information

You may also contact Stress, Anxiety and Depression Awareness at or 954-515-7097 if you any further questions.